Window rubber seal for cars, boats and heavy equipment

glass seal for car windshield

Window rubber seal for cars, boats and heavy equipment  

This product is window seal that installing around the glass to install it in the cars, trucks, trailer, caravans, heavy equipment, boats, etc.

   We are selling this window seal in 1ft (1ft = 30.5cm). 1 quantity  = 1ft of window seal.  put the requested quantity in the quantity box and we will cut the window seal in 1 piece.

                                                                                                                   Delivery to worldwide. 
                                                                                                                   Expedited delivery available.

   You can select the suitable window seal by the dimensions. you can compare this window seal dimensions and your old window seal dimensions or the install place.

The dimensions:
The dimensions available in millimeters and inch. 

The dimensions in millimeters:
Glass Thickness: 5 M.M.
Metal thickness: 2.5 M.M.
Width: 28 M.M.

The dimensions in inch:
Glass thickness: 13/64"
Metal thickness: 3/32" 
Width: 1 7/64" 

Materials: EPDM
Order code: E005 

The install place :

- In the glass and windows for the cars, trucks, boats, heavy equipment, bus, caravan, trailer, camper, vans, etc.

This rubber seal also designed to be:

- Trucks glass rubber seal.- Glass weather stripe for caravan.- Glass seal for trailer.- Campers window seal.
- Seal glass for heavy equipment.- Glass Seal rubber for boat.- Car window seals.- Glass seals for van.- Glass gasket seal for cars.- Seals gasket for trains.- Bus window seal.- Car window seals.- And more.

- High quality manufacture.
- High quality materials.  
- Very flexible. 

- Make your vehicle is more safe by install the glass well.
- Prevent leaks.
- Prevent leakage of air conditioner to out. 
- Prevent entry of dust, air and rain water. 


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