car boot rubber seal (trunk seal) Universal

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Car boot rubber seal (trunk seal) Universal

   This is car boot seal (trunk seal) that install under the trunk lid to prevent vibration, noise and leakage. all details about the install place, dimensions, and flexibility is  clarified in the pictures. 

Delivery to Worldwide

    We Sell This trunk seal  in 1FT increments (1 Quantity = 1 FT ) (1FT=30.5 Centimeters ). put the quantity you want in the quantity box. Your trunk seal  will be cut in one Continuous  Piece to the exact length you order.

    You can select the appropriate  trunk rubber seal for your vehicle by the dimensions  . you can compare this car boot seal dimensions and  your old  boot seal dimensions.

The dimensions :
The dimensions available in millimeters and inch.

The dimensions in millimeters:

Height: 13.8 M.M.
Edge Height: 11.3 M.M.
Edge thickness: 3.5 M.M.
Grip range: 1.0 : 3.0 M.M.
The dimensions in inch:
Height : 35/64"
Edge Height : 7/16"
Edge thickness : 9/64"


Materials: EPDM / METAL.

Order code: C001

The install place:
- In the trunk metal edge under the trunk lid.

This product also designed to be:
- Cap for metal sheet.
- And more.

- High quality manufacture.
- High quality materials

- The dimensions appropriate for most cars.

- Contain internal metal clips to grip permanent around the install place. 
- Very flexible. 
- Easy install. ( Just push on the rubber seal above the install place. The rubber seal
 will be griping around the edge without adhesive or any other thing).

- Prevent leaks, gaps and vibration.
- Prevent leakage of air conditioner to out
- Prevent
entry of dust , air and rain water. 
- Prevent noise. 
- cover the sharp metal edges in the cars and the home.


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