Fuel tank rubber seal 57 M.M

Fuel tank rubber seal 57 M.M

  This is fuel tank rubber seal that install between the fuel tank and the metal hands to prevent vibration and noise . all details about the install place and dimensions is  clarified in the pictures . 

    You can select the suitable rubber seal by the dimensions  . you can compare this tank seal rubber dimensions and  your old rubber stripe dimensions .

The dimensions :
The dimensions available in millimeters and inch . 

The dimensions in millimeters :
Metal hand width : 57 M.M .
External edge Height : 6 M.M .

The dimensions in inch :

Metal hand width : 2, 1/4" .
External edge Height : 15/64" .

Order code : L002 

The install place :
- around the fuel tank between the tank and the metal hands . 

Features :
- high quality manufacture .
- high quality materials . 
- very flexible . 

Benefits :
- prevent Vibration .
- prevent noise . 
- prevent rust . 


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