Gray edge trim small 0.375" U height x 0.039"-0.093" Grip range

This is gray edge trim that installs on the metal edges to protect it and to protect persons from the sharp metal edges. all details about the install place, dimensions, and flexibility is  clarified in the pictures. 

  You can select the suitable edge trim for your vehicle by the dimensions. you
can compare this edge trim dimensions and  your old edge trim dimensions.

The dimensions in inch:
U height: 0.375".
Edge thickness: 0.093".
Grip range: 0.039" - 0.093".

The dimensions in millimeters:
U Height: 9.5 M.M .
Edge thickness : 2.5 M.M .
Grip range : 1-2.5 M.M .

Materials: PVC/METAL.
Color: Gray
Order code: D025.

The install place:
- In the bus windows.
- In the car roof to grip around carpet.
- On the metal edges

This edge trim also designed to be:
- PVC edging trim.
- Car edge trim.
- Caravan edge trim.
- Edging trim for metal sheet.
- PVC strip for the electric boards.
- Panel edge trimmer.
- Boat edge trim.
- U Seal trim for caravan.
- Boat U trim.
- Cover for metal edges.
- Cap for metal flanges.
- And more .

- Prevent leaks, gaps and vibration.
- Cover the sharp metal edges in the car and home.


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