car window glass run for trucks and cars

car window glass run for trucks and cars


   This is glass run that install in the car door around the window glass . all details about the install place and dimensions is  clarified in the pictures . 

    You can select the appropriate glass run for your vehicle by the dimensions  . you can compare this  flocked glass run dimensions and  your old glass run rubber dimensions .

The dimensions :
The dimensions available in millimeters and inch .

The dimensions in millimeters :
Height : 10.9 M.M .
Width : 16.6 M.M .

The dimensions in inch :
Height : 27/64" .
Width : 21/32" .

Materials : Rubber / Flock  .
Order code : B001 .

The install place :
- in the car door glass channel around the window glass .

This product also designed to be  :
- window Weatherstripping rubber for Trailer  .
- glass track for campers .
heavy equipment window glass run .
- window glass channel
Fiat cars glass run .
- glass channel for bus window .
- weather stripe for Car  .
- flocked glass channel  for trucks .
caravan  window weather seal .
- and more .

Features :
- high quality manufacture .
- high quality materials . 
- contain flock to make the glass move is easy . 
- very flexible . 
- easy install . ( just push around the glass run then put it in the window track . the glass run
   will be griping in the window track without adhesive or any other thing ) .

Benefits :
- prevent leaks , gaps and vibration .
- prevent leakage of air conditioner to out . 
- prevent entry of dust , air and rain water . 

- Make the glass move is easy .


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