Flocked lined window rubber for cars and trucks

Flocked lined window rubber for cars and trucks

This is flocked window rubber that install in the car door around the window glass . all details about the install place and dimensions is  clarified in the pictures . 

    You can select the appropriate Flocked Rubber for your vehicle by the dimensions  . you can compare this flocked glass run dimensions and  your old glass run rubber dimensions .

The dimensions :
The dimensions available in millimeters and inch .

The dimensions in millimeters :
Height : 10.4 M.M .
Width : 14.4 M.M .

The dimensions in inch :
Height :13/32" .
Width : 9/16" .

Materials : Rubber / Flock  .
Order code : B002 .

The install place :
- in the car door glass channel around the window glass .

This product also designed to be  :
- window Weatherstripping rubber for Trailer  .
- glass track for campers .
heavy equipment window glass run .
- window glass channel
Fiat cars glass run .
- glass channel for bus window .
- weather stripe for Car  .
- flocked glass channel  for trucks .
caravan window weather seal .
- and more .

Features :
- high quality manufacture .
- high quality materials . 
- contain flock to make the glass move is easy . 
- very flexible . 
- easy install . ( just push around the glass run then put it in the window track . the glass run
   will be griping in the window track without adhesive or any other thing ) .

Benefits :
- prevent leaks , gaps and vibration .
- prevent leakage of air conditioner to out . 
- prevent entry of dust , air and rain water . 

- Make the glass move is easy .


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